How to Create Successful Artwork for Online Ordering


Save as a PDF! The only file type accepted for upload in the Shopping cart is PDF, max file size 500MB.

Save pdf

Layout your artwork within the graphic template.

Layout art within template

Make sure you are using the MOST CURRENT graphic template! Templates can be found on each product page in the Downloads tab.

GT Placement

Old Templates

Extra white space means your product isn’t to size
Template colors will be printed
Outdated product dimensions
Most Current

New Templates

Built to size
Template colors automatically removed during preflight
Current product dimensions
Most Current

Only Solid Coated Pantones can be guaranteed for exact color matches. Colors must be plugged into the art file before uploading to the cart.

Pantone Swatches

Layout the artwork specific to the number of pages in the template. See the example below.

Pay close attention to the bleeds. Make sure the background image/color is designed to the edge of the artboard. See the example below.

For table throws & tents, don’t forget to add your desired color as the page background. Table throws & tents are fully-printed hence why background color needs to be defined.

Pantone Solid Coated colors should be assigned in file when there are critical matches. No other custom color swatches can be matched.


Do not edit the artboard sizes.

Do not add or delete pages on the artboard.

Do not use the spot colors from template in your artwork as they will not print.

Do Not use Spot Color

Do not use template spot colors in artwork. These colors automatically get deleted.

Do Not use Spot Color

Use CMYK or Pantone colors to ensure nothing drops out of the design.

Good vs. Bad Artwork Examples

Banner Stands

Design art to fill the entire template with bleeds, like this!

Design to edge of artwork

Missing bleeds could mean bad printed results.

Design to edge of artwork

Tent Canopies

Place art in all provided artboards, like this!

Layout artwork specific to number of pages

Providing only one side will result in an incomplete product. Do not delete or add artboards.

Layout artwork specific to number of pages

Table Throws

Design on the template and include your background color!

Bad table throw artwork:

Desired Color

Good table throw artwork:

Desired Color

Bad tent artwork:

Desired Color

Good tent artwork:

Desired Color


Each off-the-shelf product has specific bleed requirements. Please refer to and layout artwork within the graphic template. You can find the graphic template on the product page, under the DOWNLOADS tab.

Have Artwork Questions?

Contact our Art Support Team at (331) 201-2380