Nexen Tires, producer of innovative automotive tires, was exhibiting at the 2014 Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show and looking to make a large impression on the floor. They wanted an exhibit that showcased not only their products and brand, but one that also spoke to their innovation and manufacturing capability.

Nexen Tire - Custom Fabric Graphics


  • Fabric Graphics
  • Existing Frame System
  • Double Deck

Client Comments

"I love Origin. We are consistently impressed with their color output on fabric graphics and lightning-fast production speed!"

-Crystal Adams, Graphics Manager at Steelhead Productions


Steelhead Productions partnered with Origin, a division of Orbus Exhibit & Display Group, to produce a stunning exhibit that met Nexen’s needs. The resulting exhibit design used fabric graphics and large, angular extrusion-based structures to communicate Nexen’s brand identity and to creatively incorporate Nexen products throughout the exhibit space. This also included a fabric-graphic-skinned double deck in the rear of the exhibit space, where booth visitors could consult in a completely branded environment, surrounded by walls featuring information on Nexen’s brand and production capabilities. An additional challenge presented itself only hours before the show. A stray forklift accidentally pierced one of the fabric graphics during the exhibit setup. Origin was able to quickly reprint the graphic and deliver the reprint to the show site in only five hours. The resulting exhibit met and exceeded Nexen’s needs, as their exhibit drew eyes and visitors from all across the SEMA show floor.