ORBUS Mission and Commitment

The mission of Orbus Exhibit & Display Group® is to become and remain one of the country's leading wholesale trade suppliers and manufacturers of everything tradeshow exhibits displays and graphics ranging from signs and portable displays to full custom exhibits. Orbus is committed to providing its customers with superior quality display solutions at fair, value for money prices and superior levels of customer service and support.

Orbus HQ

Established in 2001, Orbus started with a mere 3-person staff who sold two primary products. Since then we have skyrocketed to the top of the exhibit and display industry and employ nearly 500 people.
ORBUS History

Giles Douglas

Giles Douglas

President & CEO

“Orbus’ core values are the heart of the company. We strive for and encourage excellence, uncompromised integrity, fiduciary conservativeness and recognize/reward employee and company achievements. We provide a focused, fun work atmosphere and strive to do the utmost to protect the environment!”