Meet Our Sales Team

In business, it's people that make the difference. Here at Orbus Exhibit & Display Group®, we pride ourselves on some of the best customer service in the business and strive to develop a personal relationship with our customers.

Patrick Carrig
VP of Sales 630-755-7701
Started 2004
Kate Kincaid
Sales Floor Manager 630-755-7780
Started 2005

Sales and Administration

Josh Carlson
Senior Sales Representative Manager 630-755-7761
Started 2007
Chris Jacobs
Senior Sales Representative 630-755-7722
Started 2005
Patrick Zawadski
Senior Sales Representative 630-755-7743
Started 2009
Tina Sweeney
Senior Sales Representative 630-755-7741
Started 2006
Kathleen Lopez
Sales Representative Manager 630-755-7740
Started 2007
Enis Tezcan
Sales Representative 630-755-7783
Started 2016
Ryan Hammond
Field Sales Representative 630-755-7547
Started 2018
Eric Campbell
Field Sales Representative 630-755-7794
Started 2006
David Mikulecky
Field Sales Representative 630-755-7744
Started 2011
Kara Barker
Field Sales Representative 630-755-7754
Started 2000
Bill Roman
Field Sales Representative 630-755-7784
Started 2011
Bill Kurvers
Field Sales Representative 630-755-7755
Started 2005
Ron Brunette
Field Sales Representative 630-755-7727
Started 2017
Damen Garcia
Business Development Manager 630-755-7725
Started 2011
Tyneisha Williams
Business Development Supervisor 630-755-7768
Started 2016
Matthew Kramer
Business Development 630-755-7747
Started 2018
Dan O'Connor
Sales Consultant Manager 630-755-7781
Started 2007
Amanda Tezcan
Sales Consultant 630-755-7597
Started 2013
Tabitha Sirek
Administration Manager
Kathryn Norton
Customer Service Supervisor
Paul Krein
Office Administration Supervisor