Online Order Status

ORDER CONFIRMATION: Once you complete your order, you will receive an order confirmation from You will also see your order in your My Orders Dashboard.

After your order is placed, you have 30 minutes to cancel your order. Once this time passes, your order will be processed and you will receive an email to this affect and the order will be marked as ORDER PROCESSED in the online store.

ORDER PROCESSED: Once processed, you will receive another confirmation of your order from This means your order is now in production. This confirmation will include your OFFICIAL ORDER #. This confirmation supersedes the one you received after order placement in the online store.

NEW FEATURE! CHECK LIVE ORDER DETAILS: Simply click on the link in the email/PDF order confirmation that you receive. Your Customer ID and Order Confirmation # should pre-populate when clicked from the order confirmation. You can also directly check here:

ORDER SHIPPING & TRACKING: Upon shipment of your order, you will receive an email with your final Orbus Invoice. If your order ships UPS or FedEx, you will also receive an email from FedEx or UPS with tracking numbers for the package(s).

You must be enrolled to receive invoices via email in order to receive these notifications. To sign up for emailed invoices, please contact Customer Support at or call 630-226-1155.

ORDER CHANGES: If you need to change your order within 30 minutes of placement, you can CANCEL and place a new order. If the order status states PROCESSED, please reach out to Customer Support right away. Email or call 630-226-1155 and be ready with your Online order # and order change details. We will do what we can to modify your order but cannot guarantee we will catch in time for a change to be made. We strive to print your graphic and produce your order as quickly as possible!

RETURNS OR SERVICE: If you received your order and there is something wrong, please complete this form to provide the related details. We will review the issue and get back to you right away. Please also see our warranty & return policy here.