Retail Displays Frequently Asked Questions

What is MODify™?

MODify is a retail merchandising system that features SEG fabric graphics, modular frames & customizable accessories which enable you to enhance brand messaging into retail environments with turnkey speed. Check out our MODify™ page to see what we mean.

What’s the difference between standard, semi-custom and custom?

Check out this handy chart that breaks out the differences for you!

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What makes MODify™ displays different from other displays out there?

The MODify display systems are made utilizing silicone edge graphics (SEG), come with a lifetime frame warranty, easy to modify (hence the name MODify™ was born), simple assembly (no installation crew needed), and best of all they are available to shop online and ship quickly!

How easy is it to customize my MODify™ display?

It’s as easy as 1,2,3!

One – pick your base kit and color you like.

Two – design your graphics and let us make them for you.

Three – accessorize your display with a huge assortment of shelves, hang bars, slatwall hooks, faceouts, waterfalls, towel bars and more!

Four – well you’re done with us at three – so four is when you get to put all of your cool merchandise on display and watch it fly off the shelf!

How many base display kits do you offer?

We offer 4 main fixture types and 15 base kits with a ton of variations to give you the maximum number of options for your retail store that we highlight in our catalog for you. We offer single sided, double sided, gondola and four sided base kits.

Do you offer anything else besides the kits to complete my retail store?

Yes! We offer furniture that was designed and sized perfectly to coordinate with our display kits. Plus, in addition to the accessories that already come with the kit we offer a huge assortment of accessories, color options, fabric graphics and furniture to customize your kits even more! We also created a whole line of quick ship lightboxes called BLAZE™.

What color options are available with the MODify retail merchandising line?

They come stocked in three metal powder coat finishes – white, black, and silver. But if those colors don’t work with your brand have no fear, SEG is here! No really, we got you covered with our in-house powder coat booth we can powder coat the frames in virtually any color you want.

We also offer 4 stocked wood laminate choices for the nesting tables and risers which include white, black, natural woodgrain and the trendy gray woodgrain.

What’s so great about BLAZE™ lightboxes?

Unlike most other lightboxes in the marketplace our lightboxes come UL certified with full perimeter LED lights, virtually eliminating shadowing! They are simple to assemble, are ADA compliant, come with a lifetime frame warranty and 5 year lighting warranty, and they ship quick, we are talking days!!!

How many BLAZE™ lightboxes do you offer in the quick ship program?

We offer 3 core lines for Blaze™ lightboxes which include wall mounted, free standing and hanging lightboxes and stock 35 different size options within those three lines. If that isn’t what you are looking for then give us a call because we do custom size lightboxes every day.