Florida Water Products (FWP) — a pool & spa wholesale distributor with over 20 locations across Florida, Texas and Nevada — needed a single source partner for interior and exterior signage, acoustical solutions to diffuse sound, office furniture and showroom displays. FWP wanted a pool and water themed appearance across its many operations - one that emphasized their brand and lines they carry. FWP partnered with its preferred broker who selected Orbus to design and produce interior acoustical structures, signs, and office furniture for FWP’s many operations in Florida and Texas.

Florida Water Products


Client Comments

“When it comes to hiring a company for precision work and expertise, I generally rely on referrals/or consumer reviews. Orbus was presented by a brokerage partner based on their proven track record of professionalism, attention to detail, and a commitment to 100% customer satisfaction. My experience with the team was pleasant and interactive and most importantly, timely. The team came with a ‘one source solution’ methodology that aligned perfectly with my vision. Once the scope of work was complete, I was amazed as to how well it turned out! The results were even better than the renderings.”

- Marc Toussaint, Director of Operations at Florida Water Products


FWP and its brokerage firm partnered with Orbus to design and produce a variety of interior and exterior signs, acoustical solutions, showroom displays and office furniture for its many distribution operations in Florida, Texas and Nevada. The goal was to create an impressive, branded, pool and water themed appearance and experience across its many locations.

Orbus outfitted the facilities with signs, acoustical solutions and furnishings for its entryways, showrooms, offices and warehouse spaces. A branded, pool-themed experience carries from the entryways into reception, then into the showrooms, through to the office spaces, conference rooms and warehouses.

Reception, Showroom & Office

Acoustical Solutions

FWP’s reception area, showroom and conference rooms are decorated with acoustical canopies, partitions and accents that enhance the décor in the spaces and diffuse and soften sound.

Wall Mounted Signs & Systems

Vector Frame™ Edge fabric poster displays adorn the showrooms and office spaces to promote FWP’s brand, partners, product offering and feature pool and spa products and projects. Wall mounted Vector Frame Light Boxes highlight filtration product lines on display and add light and color to the space.

Furniture & Furnishings

Custom-designed and manufactured office cubicles, tables, displays and showroom platforms allow FWP to creatively and functionally support a myriad of needs, while reinforcing theme and brand.


Floor Decals, Aisle & Dock Door Signs

FWP branded anti-slip floor decals, aisleway and dock door signs provide direction, guidance and encourage Lean / 5S practices and organization in the warehouse.

5S Signs & Displays

Custom-branded 5S and safety signs, cleaning stations and carts are placed throughout the warehouse and help FWP reinforce and enable Lean / 5S practices and goals. Vector Frame™ Edge fabric poster displays feature messages of thanks and encouragement to the staff.


FWP’s entrance was customized with signs, PPE and themed repositionable vinyl to greet customers, encourage safety protocols and create a branded, themed experience that carries through the entire operation.