Wayfinding Signage


North Gibson School Corporation located in Princeton, IN was in need of interior wayfinding signage for their high school to guide students, staff, and visitors to the right rooms and destinations.

Client Comments

"Signs Now #74 took pride in their work as planners, designers and installers of the wayfinding signage throughout our school. The outcome was quite effective and aesthetically pleasing to everyone who visits. The signage blends well, is clear and direct in guiding visitors, students and staff to their intended destinations."

— North Gibson School Corporation


Signs Now #74 partnered with SignPro Systems (SPS), a division of Orbus Exhibit & Display Group, to develop an interior wayfinding signage solution that met the needs of the high school. With numerous signage options from top-to-bottom curved wall mounted frames to free standing towers, New Princeton Community High School took advantage of the multitude of signage options available. By offering several types of interior wayfinding signage, Signs Now #74 and SPS was able to seamlessly navigate patrons throughout the entire facility.