Wayfinding Signage


Glens Falls Hospital, located in New York, was in need of an updated wayfinding sign solution after undergoing renovations and new construction, and updating the hospital logo and brand. With many patients, doctors, nurses and visitors walking the hallways, it was necessary to clearly identify rooms, stairwells, and key areas of the hospital such as reception desks, waiting lounges, pharmacies and restrooms. They were in search of a solution that would feature easy-to-read and easily changeable directional signs throughout the facility. Signage also needed to be compatible with ADA lenses to ensure it was accessible to all visitors and patients.

Client Comments

"Timely Signs has provided an attractive and practical solution to our wayfinding needs. The system is affordable and easy to maintain as changes occur in the organization. The contemporary and professional look matches the recently renovated environments."

— Paul Scimeca, SVP/Chief Operating Officer, Glens Falls Hospital


Timely Signs of Kingston, NY partnered with SignPro Systems, the modular wayfinding division of Orbus Exhibit & Display Group, to design and manufacture a signage solution that met their client’s needs. Timely Signs incorporated a several sizes of wayfinding signs from left-to-right curve projecting frames and wall frames that feature non-glare lenses and allow for easy graphic changes and updates. Large curved wall frames were the perfect addition to display large-scale directories and maps to assist visitors and staff with navigating the facility. In addition, SignPro Systems’ frames are ADA compatible, allowing for the incorporation of ADA compliant lenses, a necessity in a hospital that serves all types of patients. The easy-to-read signs make it easy to include the new brand colors of Glens Falls Hospital, and reduce confusion amongst staff and visitors, allowing them to confidently navigate the halls.