The University of Kentucky Opera Theatre program was in search of a fresh, eye-catching way to daily showcase their past performances to voice students, university students, donors and university officials passing through the building. In years past, the program used retractable banner stands to display each production, but after the final performance, had no need for banners and simply stored them away. They needed a solution that would re-purpose existing banners in a non-obtrusive and sleek way.

Client Comments

"UK Opera Theatre is absolutely delighted to have a beautiful and professional way to showcase our past work to the visitors of our rehearsal facilities. Image360 Lexington was able to find a wonderful new way to repurpose our old banners."

— Patrick Joel Martin, Marketing Coordinator at UK Opera Theatre


Image360 Lexington partnered with SignPro Systems, a division of Orbus Exhibit & Display Group, to manufacture 11 custom-width poster snapper frames that would repurpose the banners from UK Opera Theatre’s existing, unused banner stands into a large-scale wall poster gallery. The slim profile of the poster snapper frames were ideal for use in hanging the banners in the busy stairwell of the rehearsal building, and the customizable width and height allowed for each banner to fit perfectly within its new display. The simple installation allows for the UK Opera Theatre program to rearrange as necessary, and the snapping edge of each aluminum frame allows for the displays to be changed out with each new season if necessary. The new full-length banner displays are ideal for showcasing prior performances and brightening up the space.